Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where is it delivered? 

  • We deliver out of our small food market in Catonsville Maryland, and reach Baltimore City, County, and all of central Maryland
  • We also offer a call-in order option (think old fashioned market who delivers your eggs) for people nearby who need a few items (not the member boxes) from the store delivered same-day. Anyone can use this service!  443-341-6166
  • the online "shop" ships nationwide (lower 48). Shipping for shop is roughly $6 per product (all items sold in 2 packs).

2. What comes in my crate?

  • Choose from 4 weekly crate options: Lucky Crate (2-3 meals & recipe inspiration from local chefs), Vegan Crate (same as Lucky Crate, but vegan), Gluten Free Crate, or Dinner Done (2-4 Meals both ready to eat or heat, made fresh by local chefs. The boxes come with two meals minimum, but some families are smaller and can stretch it out to more meals).

3. Why don’t I just order a mainstream box that has beautiful commercials on TV? What makes Lucky Pantry so dang special?

  • Lucky Pantry is special and different for a few reasons. Our produce is ALL very local and organic. Our business supports farms in Baltimore County. Those farms have good growing practices that help purify the Chesapeake Bay Watershed. ALSO, inside our crate isn’t a mini version, or tiny bits of ingredients, all in their own tiny packaging (we don’t wrap our vegetables in plastic, because they only travel a few blocks or miles (TOTAL) FROM FARM TO YOU). We include the entire bottle of oil, veggie, fruit, spice, etc. to grow your pantry into a high quality, chef-would-be-proud collection -- so that you can continue to cook beyond the crate. Plus, we include recipes from renowned local chefs, and even some of the local restaurant specialties! 

4. I have a special dietary requirement or preference, such as gluten-free, vegan, or a general hatred of tomatoes. Can you accommodate me?

  • Email us! 

5.  How am I charged? 

  • You are charged monthly, the same amount, regardless of how many weeks are in the month.

6. Can I quit any time?

  • You can quit any time, but if you have paid for a month in advance, that month will not be reimbursed or prorated. Your billing will end at the end of the cycle that you have paid for. For example, if you choose to cancel on March 15th, and you’ve already paid for March, then your last box will come on the last Monday in March, and no boxes will come in April. 

7. When are they delivered? 

  • The crates are delivered on Mondays (between 11 am and 4 pm) to your front porch. If you will not be able to receive your box on a particular Monday (or any Monday, for that matter) your options are to pay a $10/week Day Change fee for home delivery, or to stop by the store to pick it up (no extra charge). Both accommodations should be worked out in advance by emailing us or mentioning the request in the NOTES section of your checkout process. 

8. I have some unique home features you should know about that may complicate the delivery experience (a loud dog, a gate, a large apartment complex, street parking, etc. 

  • That’s fine- just explain it to us in detail in the notes or over email so that we know the best way to get you your food. 

9. Do I need to be home? Will something happen to the food outside? 

  • You do not need to be home. 
  • We will ring or knock, text or call, upon arrival, if you ask us to. 
  • Otherwise we will leave it on the front porch.
  • Any frozen or cold foods will be packed along with freezer packs, which are expected to last around 6 hours. In the winter, the food will stay nice and cool for much longer. In the spring and summer, more packaging may be used to control the food temperature. 

10. When does it start?

  • Your box will be delivered next Monday, if you joined on or before Wednesday of this week.

11. How much does it cost exactly?  

  • Lucky Crate, Vegan Crate, Gluten-Free Crate and Dinner Done Crate $65 weekly
  • There is no additional delivery fee on top of this charge (unless you require a Day Change)

12. My address is changing. What do I do?

  • Log in to your account and change it, AND EMAIL US to alert us of the change. 

13. My box disappeared/was ravaged by neighborhood opossums, etc. 

  • We hate that this has happened to you, but we are not responsible for the box after we deliver it to you. Please do let us know if something DOES happen, so we may be able to make a change to prevent it from happening again. 

14. Its raining! Is my box soaking in the elements? 

  • If heavy rain is predicted, we will take the following precautions: 
  • Delay delivery until a later time or even until the next morning
  • Wrap the box in plastic 
  • Stash the box under a nearby overhang or otherwise safe and dry area near your porch (and we will email you to let you know which one of these happens!)

15. Some Mondays are holidays. Do you still deliver?

  • Yes. We will plan to deliver on any holidays except for Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's Eve, New Year's Day. Those and any other scheduling conflict on our side will be communicated over email well in advance, and an alternate drop off day will be announced. 

16. I signed up a few days ago, and I’m not getting any communication from you. 

  • Email us to confirm that we have all of your information correct on our side. 

17. I read all this stuff and my question still wasn’t answered!

  • Email us!