Products / Hale's Homemade Salsa - 12oz (2 Jars)

Hale's Homemade Salsa - 12oz (2 Jars)


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Product Description

James and Angela Hale began making salsa in their Baltimore rowhome in 2006. Never finding a salsa they liked, they decided to make their own homemade salsa. After perfecting the recipe and sharing it with friends and family, the couple decided it was time to share it with the world! The Hales founded the company Hale's Homemade in 2011. They are proud to offer Hale's Homemade "Hale Yeah it's MILD!" and "Holy Hale its HOT!" salsas, their first "babies" in the Hale's Homemade family of products. The Hales hope to add other products to their line of all natural, preservative-free foods.

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